If there's one part of town that visitors — both first-timers 和 many-timers — equate with San Francisco, 这是渔人码头.

The F Line goes down Market Street, along the Embarcadero 和 by 渔人码头.

欢快的铃声 缆车 bells; the sights, sounds 和 smells along busy Jefferson Street; the renovated historic red-brick factories; the steaming street-side pots of Dungeness crab—all help make Fisherman’s Wharf the city’s top-rated tourist attraction year after year.

散步 码头39. The repurposed wooden finger-pier is now festooned with 餐厅, 纪念品商店, street performers 和 attractions such as 海湾水族馆 和 的传单. 乘船游览 阿尔卡特拉斯岛 和 Angel Isl和 are popular draws, as are the historic ships anchored at the Hyde Street Pier. And you can now get a bird's eye view of the city 和 the bay by taking a spin on the 天星观景轮.

    海狮在39号码头的K码头休息 at Sunset


    发现 the ten things everyone needs to experience at San Francisco's famous 码头39.


    Take the iconic Cable Car 和 hop off in 渔人码头

    Learn about San Francisco's famous 缆车 和 explore diverse neighborhoods. Hop on board 和 explore 渔人码头 by Cable Car.




    雾港鱼屋, Pier Market, 和 Wipeout Bar & 烧烤

    These three waterfront 餐厅 at 码头39 offer quality service 和 sustainable seafood. For family-friendly dining, visit Wipeout Bar & 烧烤. For everything from BBQ salmon to garlic roasted Dungeness crab, try Pier Market. If you're looking for elegant dining with breathtaking views, make your reservation at 雾港鱼屋.

    Enjoy fresh seafood at a number of 餐厅 including Scoma的方济各螃蟹餐厅 和 雾港鱼屋. 曾经的巧克力工厂位于 吉尔德利广场 is now a h和some shopping 和 dining complex where you can still get amazing sundaes. And for the 21-和-over crowd, you must visit 布埃纳维斯塔咖啡馆 to warm up with one of their legendary Irish coffees.

    • 你知道吗?? Crab Louie Salad was invented in Fisherman’s Wharf. It's a small portion of Dungeness crabmeat with a sauce fisherman Tom Castagnola invented using Thous和 Isl和 dressing. The Crab Louie quickly became one of the Wharf’s most popular dishes.
    Diners enjoy fresh seafood 和 cocktails at Pescatore along 渔人码头.


    Come hungry to this popular San Francisco destination!



    The 海湾水族馆 provides unforgettable encounters with local marine life that inspire both wonder 和 conservation. The marine nature center boasts 300 feet of crystal clear acrylic tunnels holding 700,000 gallons of carefully maintained bay water that sustains approximately 20,生活在附近水域的5000只动物. Aquarium guests are treated to mesmerizing walls of jellies, can have up-close encounters with tide pool animals, delight in the antics of playful river otters, 还有更多.



    More family entertainment can be found in the heart of 渔人码头 along Jefferson Street at the world-famous 杜莎夫人蜡像馆 蜡像博物馆. Offering guests the opportunity to visit with incredibly life-like celebrities from film, 体育和更多, 包括贝博体彩app地区的标志, 比如乔·蒙塔纳和詹尼斯·乔普林, 杜莎夫人蜡像馆 provides a complete interactive experience. Get up close 和 personal 和 take pictures of your favorite stars at this star-studded attraction.



    Looking for thrills 和 adventure on the bay? 码头39 features the 7D Experience, the most advanced film attraction in the world. Experience the excitement of a roller coaster 和 the fun of interacting with film itself, 都不用离开座位.

 The XD Dark Ride features a state-of-the-art digital theater with surround sound, 3 d效果, full motion seats 和 the newest in laser technology. This interactive attraction allows everyone in the audience to compete to achieve the highest score as you blast away at bad guys in a variety of scenarios: zombie apocalypse, 外星人, swashbuckling pirates 和 even robot cowboys in the Wild West. 



    Climb into a flying theater 和 feel the unparalleled sensation of riding through San Francisco’s most iconic 和 breathtaking l和marks. 的传单 creates a sweeping experience for all your senses. 在金门大桥上发射, 倒在科伊特塔上, 穿过伦巴第街和唐人街, 和 soar through the Redwood National Forest.




    Public transit is a convenient, easy, 和 popular way to visit Fisherman’s Wharf. There are ferries, streetcars, trains, 和 buses available from all Bay Area regions.

    • The F-Line streetcar runs between the Castro neighborhood 和 渔人码头. It runs the length of Market Street until it reaches the Ferry Terminal Building on the Embarcadero before turning west to the wharf. 
    • You can also pick up a Powell-Hyde Cable Car or the Powell-Mason Cable Car from Powell 和 Market Streets to travel to The Wharf.
    • 乘坐8路、30路、39路或49路公交车


    • 《蚁人 (2015)

    • 《公主日记》 (2001)

    • 初级 (1994)

    • 死亡彩票 (1988)

    • 一种杀手锏 (1985)

    • 突然的影响 (1983)

    • 一次又一次 (1979)

    • 高焦虑 (1977)